Heathen Version of Carnival and Easter

I read this story in a book of Rain Forest Indian  myths a long time ago. Don’t have the book in front of me now,  so I’m just telling it the way a story teller is allowed to do, from memory.

Don’t know, but it sounds to me like this story comes from Indians watching the Spanish padres’  Roman Catholic Carnival and Easter traditions and making up their own interpretation.

So, probably there is a little Spanish padre, Rain Forest Indian, European anthropologist and me in this story.


In the beginning there was a Good God who created all the people and taught them to be good. But he had an evil brother, the Devil, who looked just like Him. The Devil followed the Good God around from village to village and taught the people to be not good, but bad. The next year the Good God came around to visit the people. He was horrified at what He saw. He said, “But I created you and taught you to be good!” The people liked to be bad and they said, “We don’t think you are God, we think you are the Devil!” and they killed God. But God could not be killed, really, so He came back to life. The people killed Him again. Every time He came back to life, they killed Him again. Finally, God got tired of the bad people and He went away, up into the sky and He never came back. And the bad people put up a big cross and they laughed and they said, “We killed God. We killed Him right there where  that cross is.” But some of the people looked at the cross and they were sorry they had killed God and now they wanted to be good. And from that day on, there have been good people and bad people in the world.

The Wolf Man Pentagram – Sign of the Werewolf


As you can see, this pentagram is exack-a-lackly like the modern “Wiccan pentagram.” Somehow the “sacred pentacle” nature of the pentagram does not come through when written on someone’s hand in ink.

The  poor, miserable Werewolf sees the sign of the pentagram in the hand of his next victim. Not sure whose hand that is – either Evelyn Ankers as the Wolf Man’s girlfriend or the hand of Jenny who  wants to know when she will be married and  gets killed in about five minutes of screen-time. Most old movies have a fortune-teller and in this movie the fortune-teller is Bela Lugosi. I like Bela when he smirks while sticking syringes into people’s arms down in the secret laboratory. In this movie he is completely wasted as a conflicted gypsy who has the curse of the werewolf on him. “Go! Go! Go quickly!” But Jenny doesn’t go quickly enough.

I have seen this movie 100,000 times!  Even though it’s not that good, there is something about it I like.

I could say more, but for now I will repeat some good questions I have read on the Internet:

- What are all these Americans doing in Wales? (Apparently the studio publicity dept. told people it was set in Wales back in 1941. I always thought it was rural England, myself.)

- Why does Bela turn into a real wolf, while Lon Chaney, Jr. only turns into a wolf man?

-  If Claude Rains is Lon Chaney’s father, what the hell did his mother look like?  (LOL. Claude Rains is about five feet tall and Lon Chaney, Jr. is about 6 foot four.)

Damien Echols Pentagram from “Paradise Lost”

This pentagram can be seen in the documentary “Paradise Lost.” The pentagram may be a harmless white magic Wiccan pentagram, but the inverted cross is a well-known Satanic symbol in the USA. Pentagram and inverted crosses:


Source: Damien Echols – West Memphis Three (WM3): The man, his friends, his art and his inspirations.


Plenty of pentagrams, hexagrams, and other magical symbols here. Slightly slanted, but I don’t think too much, considering the material. More about Echols than you want to know.


My comments on the murder case:

-  As is admitted now, they never had a shred of evidence on the teen age boys. The entire justice, legal, police (whatever) community of Memphis and of Crittendon County had to know this the whole time.

- The well-educated liberals at the Memphis Commercial Appeal and other media types had more to do with the so-called “Satanic Panic” than any Bible-thumpers  could have had. Once it was in the paper and on the TV news that Satanism was allegedly involved in the murder of the little boys, you can’t blame the locals for believing it.

- The adult Wiccan community in Memphis went completely underground and didn’t want to know when Echols got arrested. There were educated and well-off people in this community, even lawyers.

- The “Stonehenge” site reeked of puke (very like Beale Street across the river) and the ground was covered with broken glass when I saw it (after the trials, around the time the West Memphis police opened the files to the public.) It did not strike me as a very likely ritual ground, but such cheery messages as “I hate Jesus, I love Satan” were spray-painted on the “stones.”

Hittite Two-Headed Eagle Symbol

This is not Satanic, but in America I have seen it presented as if it were evil.  (The first person to whom I showed this symbol mis-identified it as “Hitler’s double-headed vulture.”)


Source: old encyclopedia.

Two-headed eagle symbol

Hittite two-headed eagle

(Holy Roman Empire symbol from wikipedia: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/39/Otto_IV%2C_Holy_Roman_Emperor.jpg)

Egyptian Pentagrams

pentacle hieroglyphs

From Budge, through AMORC


Egyptian pentagram symbols as given by Ralph M. Lewis in Behold the Sign, Ancient Symbolism,  1944.

pentagram hieroglyphs

five-pointed stars

All of Them Witches

Two memorable moments from the 1968 film, Rosemary’s Baby. Message from a dead man, or trying to get one, anyway. “One thing is for sure, they have a coven and they want my baby!” —————– Real men may find this movie tiresome as it becomes a “sick lady” movie as soon as Rosemary gets pregnant […]

The Ultimate American Icon: Baphomet Statue

Update – interview with Brian Werner,  one of the Satanic High Priests behind the statue of Baphomet. (Ha, call it Baphometal!)



The Satanic Temple is serious about placing this statue. The group “seeks to separate Religion from Superstition by acknowledging religious belief as a metaphorical framework with which we construct a narrative context for our goals and works.

“Satan stands as the ultimate icon for the selfless revolt against tyranny, free & rational inquiry, and the responsible pursuit of happiness,” the website says.

Satan Statue for Oklahoma Capitol


Abraxas in Demian – Fumblings of the Subconscious

One doesn’t hear about Abraxas by accident …


“The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world. The bird flies to God. That God’s name is Abraxas.”


“This name occurs in connection with Greek magical formulas and is frequently considered the name of some magician’s helper such as certain uncivilized tribes believe in even at present. But it appears that Abraxas has a much deeper significance. We may conceive of the name as that of a godhead whose symbolic task is the uniting of godly and devilish elements.”

The learned little man spoke with intelligence and eagerness, but no one paid much attention…

“Uniting of godly and devilish elements” resounded within me. Here was something for my thoughts to cling to. This idea was familiar to me from conversations with Demian. During the last period of our friendship he had said that we had been given a god to worship who represented only one arbitrarily separated half of the world (it was the official, sanctioned, luminous world), but that we ought to worship the whole world; this meant that we would either have to have a god who was also a devil or institute a cult of the devil alongside the cult of god. And now Abraxas was the god who was both god and devil.


Only gradually and unconsciously did this [incestuous and sexually confused dream] image become linked with the hint about the God I was to search for, the hint that had come to me from the outside. The link grew closer and more intimate and I began to sense that I was calling on Abraxas particularly in this dreamed presentiment. Delight and horror, man and woman commingled, the holiest and most shockiing were intertwined, deep guilt flashing through most delicate innocence: that was the appearance of my love-dream image and Abraxas, too… It [love] was the image of an angel and Satan, man and woman in one flesh, man and beast, the highest good and the worst evil.


I called it [the dream image] my beloved and had a premonition of a ripe all-fulfilling kiss. I called it devil and and whore, vampire and murderer. It enticed me to the gentlest love-dreams and to devastating shameless-wickedness, nothing was too good and precious, nothing was too wicked and low for it.


“I can feel the approaching conflict. It’s coming, believe me, and soon. Of course it will not ‘improve’ the world. Whether the workers kill the manufacturers or whether Germany makes war on Russia will merely mean a change of ownership. But it won’t have been entirely in vain. It will reveal the bankruptcy of present-day ideals, there will be a sweeping away of Stone Age gods. The world, as it is now, wants to die, wants to perish – and it will.”


We who wore the sign might justly be considered “odd” by the world; yes, even crazy, and dangerous…. we, who were marked, believed that we represented the will of Nature to something new, to the individualism of the future, the others sought to perpetuate the status quo.


Our circle also included believers, adherents of certain hopes and healing faiths…We, who bore the mark, felt no anxiety about the shape the future was to take. All of these faiths and teachings seemed to us already dead and useless.


“Our god’s name is Abraxas and he is God and Satan and he contains both the luminous and the dark world.”

- All quotes from Demian by Hermann Hesse, 1925

More Abraxas/Abrasax at:


(Sensible my ass! He’s got the head of a chicken!)

Anton La Vey Pentagram

The Satanic Pentagram of Baphomet

The Satanic Pentagram of Baphomet

Anton Sandor La Vey called himself a Doctor of “Satanic Theology.” He was also styled “The Black Pope of America” and “High Priest of the ineffable Kingdom of Hell.” He dressed in a black suit with a Roman collar and wore a silver Pentagram of Baphomet, the Black Goat, on a silver chain around his neck.

According to Peter Haining in The Anatomy of Witchcraft, 1972, La Vey’s followers “acknowledge Satan as a symbolic personal saviour who advocates sexual freedom. They make a great point, too, of informing everyone that the word traditionally associated with their master, EVIL, is actually LIVE spelt backwards.”

Satanic Ritual from The Devil’s Own, 1966 film

The very lovely young Ingrid Brett played the role of Linda Rigby (“Ethel” in the novel) in The Devil’s Own. Linda is developmentally slow and still playing with dolls at age fifteen. She’s the perfect victim for the vampire-like head witch’s Satanic sacrifice.

Priestess: “Give me a skin for dancing in!”

Some shots from the climatic ritual: