All of Them Witches

Two memorable moments from the 1968 film, Rosemary’s Baby.

all of them witches Rosemary's Baby

Message from a dead man, or trying to get one, anyway.

rosemary's baby bellamy

“One thing is for sure, they have a coven and they want my baby!”

Real men may find this movie tiresome as it becomes a “sick lady” movie as soon as Rosemary gets pregnant and then turns into a “crazy lady” movie once Rosemary gets the message from Hutch.

Mia Farrow is quite good both as the sick lady and the crazy lady, although she looks more like a teen boy during the crazy scenes. Compare Farrow’s “crazy” to Ingrid Bergman’s “crazy” in Gaslight – a very close copy.

I used to think John Cassevetes, with his dark and Satanic but homely looks practically ruined the movie in his role of the handsome hubby, but after several viewings I found that Cassevetes’ creepiness was very watchable.

Ruth Gordon as Minnie Castevet seemed an absolute freak in 1968, but then came the 70s and “Freak, c’est chic!” Nobody knew what normal was anymore.

Sidney Blackmer as the leader of the witches is the weakest link. If only they could have resurrected Sidney Greenstreet for the part.


“If you say anything more about witches or witchcraft, we’re going to be forced to  take you to a mental hospital…”


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