This pentagram can be seen in the documentary “Paradise Lost.” The pentagram may be a harmless white magic Wiccan pentagram, but the inverted cross is a well-known Satanic symbol in the USA. Pentagram and inverted crosses:


Source: Damien Echols – West Memphis Three (WM3): The man, his friends, his art and his inspirations.


Plenty of pentagrams, hexagrams, and other magical symbols here. Slightly slanted, but I don’t think too much, considering the material. More about Echols than you want to know.


My comments on the murder case:

–  As is admitted now, they never had a shred of evidence on the teen age boys. The entire justice, legal, police (whatever) community of Memphis and of Crittendon County had to know this the whole time.

– The well-educated liberals at the Memphis Commercial Appeal and other media types had more to do with the so-called “Satanic Panic” than any Bible-thumpers  could have had. Once it was in the paper and on the TV news that Satanism was allegedly involved in the murder of the little boys, you can’t blame the locals for believing it.

– The adult Wiccan community in Memphis went completely underground and didn’t want to know when Echols got arrested. There were educated and well-off people in this community, even lawyers.

– The “Stonehenge” site reeked of puke (very like Beale Street across the river) and the ground was covered with broken glass when I saw it (after the trials, around the time the West Memphis police opened the files to the public.) It did not strike me as a very likely ritual ground, but such cheery messages as “I hate Jesus, I love Satan” were spray-painted on the “stones.”


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