As you can see, this pentagram is exack-a-lackly like the modern “Wiccan pentagram.” Somehow the “sacred pentacle” nature of the pentagram does not come through when written on someone’s hand in ink.

The  poor, miserable Werewolf sees the sign of the pentagram in the hand of his next victim. Not sure whose hand that is – either Evelyn Ankers as the Wolf Man’s girlfriend or the hand of Jenny who  wants to know when she will be married and  gets killed in about five minutes of screen-time. Most old movies have a fortune-teller and in this movie the fortune-teller is Bela Lugosi. I like Bela when he smirks while sticking syringes into people’s arms down in the secret laboratory. In this movie he is completely wasted as a conflicted gypsy who has the curse of the werewolf on him. “Go! Go! Go quickly!” But Jenny doesn’t go quickly enough.

I have seen this movie 100,000 times!  Even though it’s not that good, there is something about it I like.

I could say more, but for now I will repeat some good questions I have read on the Internet:

– What are all these Americans doing in Wales? (Apparently the studio publicity dept. told people it was set in Wales back in 1941. I always thought it was rural England, myself.)

– Why does Bela turn into a real wolf, while Lon Chaney, Jr. only turns into a wolf man?

–  If Claude Rains is Lon Chaney’s father, what the hell did his mother look like?  (LOL. Claude Rains is about five feet tall and Lon Chaney, Jr. is about 6 foot four.)


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