I read this story in a book of Rain Forest Indian  myths a long time ago. Don’t have the book in front of me now,  so I’m just telling it the way a story teller is allowed to do, from memory.

Don’t know, but it sounds to me like this story comes from Indians watching the Spanish padres’  Roman Catholic Carnival and Easter traditions and making up their own interpretation.

So, probably there is a little Spanish padre, Rain Forest Indian, European anthropologist and me in this story.


In the beginning there was a Good God who created all the people and taught them to be good. But he had an evil brother, the Devil, who looked just like Him. The Devil followed the Good God around from village to village and taught the people to be not good, but bad. The next year the Good God came around to visit the people. He was horrified at what He saw. He said, “But I created you and taught you to be good!” The people liked to be bad and they said, “We don’t think you are God, we think you are the Devil!” and they killed God. But God could not be killed, really, so He came back to life. The people killed Him again. Every time He came back to life, they killed Him again. Finally, God got tired of the bad people and He went away, up into the sky and He never came back. And the bad people put up a big cross and they laughed and they said, “We killed God. We killed Him right there where  that cross is.” But some of the people looked at the cross and they were sorry they had killed God and now they wanted to be good. And from that day on, there have been good people and bad people in the world.


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