Underground Kiddie Porn Dungeons/Pizzagate

Pizzagate is weird, weird, weird, and I don’t think it has ever been debunked, only denied. You may think the story is over, but it appears this is not true, as shown by the recent posts on this website: Pizzagate Link at Voat

This may not be the best primer on Pizzagate, I stumbled across it while looking up something else. Not a robot voice narrator – this is a plus.

A Primer on Pizzagate

The url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1BiBnEUqKw

If you already know about Pizzagate but want to see the deviant artwork of John Podesta and the Comet Ping Pong crowd, skip to about 8:44 in the video.

About the supposed code words…I have never seen anyone present evidence that the words “pizza” and “hot dog”, and so on, ARE known pedophile terms/slang. I do know that back in the 70s I read something about Hollywood that stated that the term among homosexuals for an underage boy prostitute in Los Angeles was “chicken.” Since then I have noticed the word “chicken” used in many old movies in a strange way, as if an inside joke/dog whistle was being made to some audience. Often the person making the chicken chatter is a male, sometimes an older man, once that I recall a little toddler boy. He repeatedly would protest, “I’m NOT a chicken!” (I wonder which came first – kids calling each other chicken in movies, or homos calling their boy victims “chicken?”) At any rate, it is obvious the Clinton crowd was jabbering in code about something, so, you can’t blame people for coming up with theories.


Pre-Christian Christmas Baby

Jung is all about fishes and Christ’s older brother Satan in his book  Aion, but there are little bits and pieces of strange beauty in his collection of ancient symbols and myth motifs. (Rather like Hamlet’s Mill – the book is hard to read, but fun to browse through.)

The Nimrod Christmas story is disinfo but there WAS a Christmas (New Year’s, really) baby prior to Christ, as Jung reports. Aion’s holy day represented the end of his cult’s New Year’s celebrations.

I copied and pasted this, below, from another site and edited it down. (Don’t care about fishes!) Note that ‘Jesus’ and ‘Joshua’ are the very same name. (The Septuagint uses the same Greek word for both men’s names.)

From Aion by Carl Jung:

The Christmas message,  (the virgin has brought forth, the light increases), is pagan. Speaking of the so-called Korion in Alexandria, Epiphanius 6 says that on the night of the Epiphany (January 5/6) the pagans held a great festival: They stay up the whole night singing songs and playing the flute, offering these to the images of the gods; and, when the revelries of the night are over, after cock-crow, they go down with torches into a subterranean sanctuary and bring up a carved wooden image, which is laid naked on a litter. On its forehead it has the sign of the cross, in gold, and on both its hands two other signs of the same shape, and two more on its knees; and the five signs are all fashioned in gold. They carry this carved image seven times round the middle of the temple precincts, to the sound of flutes and tambourines and hymns, and after the procession they carry it down again into the crypt. But if you ask them what this mysterious performance means, they answer: Today, at this hour, the Kore, that is to say the virgin, has given birth to the Aeon.165 Epiphanius expressly states that he is not telling this of a Christian sect, but of the worshippers of idols, and he does so in order to illustrate the idea that even the pagans bear involuntary witness to the truth of Christianity.166 Virgo, the zodiacal sign, carries either a wheat-sheaf or a child. latent, and only then does his missionary work begin.

…Christ was born at the beginning of the aeon of the Fishes. It is by no means ruled out that there were educated Christians who knew of the coniunctio maxima of Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces in the year 7 B.C., just as, according to the gospel reports, there were Chaldaeans who actually found Christ’s birthplace. The Fishes, however, are a double sign.At midnight on Christmas Eve, when (according to the old time-reckoning) the sun enters Capricorn, Virgo is standing on the eastern horizon, and is soon followed by the Serpent held by Ophiuchus, the “Serpent-bearer.” This astrological coincidence seems to worth mentioning, as also the view that the two fishes are mother and son. The latter idea has a quite special significance because this relationship suggests that the two fishes were originally one. In fact, Babylonian and Indian astrology know of only one fish. 30 Later, this mother evidently gave birth to a son, who was a fish like her. The same thing happened to the Phoenician Derceto-Atargatis, who, half fish herself, had a son called Ichthys. It is just possible that “the sign of the prophet Jonah” 31 goes back to an older tradition about an heroic night sea journey and conquest of death, where the hero is swallowed by a fish (“whale-dragon”) and is then reborn.32 The redemptory name Joshua 33 (Yehoshua, Yeshua, Gr. lesous) is connected with the fish: Joshua is the son of Nun, and Nun means ‘fish.’

…Being the twelfth sign of the Zodiac, Pisces denotes the end of the astrological year and also a new beginning. This characteristic coincides with the claim of Christianity to be the beginning and end of all things, and with its eschatological expectation of the end of the world and the coming of God’s kingdom.49 …

…to my knowledge, there is no evidence in the old literature that the Christian fish symbolism was derived from the zodiac.


Source: ://carljungdepthpsychology.wordpress.com/category/aeon/

Aion is said to be the son of Zeus. He represents Time and Eternity. Associated with mystery religions and mother goddesses. Often shown as a nude or semi-nude young man standing within a circle.

Aion article on wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aion_(deity)

Modern Day Satanism – Maddie Ziegler Pre-teen sex symbol

This is just creepy.


Image is a screen shot of a google search of “Maddie Ziegler paedo.”

Compare to the ritual shots in my early post on The Wax Doll/The Devil’s Own movie.


Tree Worship and Sun Gods

Russians celebrating the end of Kolyada/Christmas/New Year’s.

Tree worship!






Sun-gods, infant and otherwise. This wiki entry is probably written by neo-pagans who have little idea what they are talking about. Neither do I. Slavs, Ukrainians, Poles, Russians. Gets confusing.


Strange Rituals at Halloween

According to my calendar, today is All Saint’s Day in the Christian world.

Beatles, Priests and Heroes of the post-Christian Western World, make music for us from their abode in the Underworld:

Long, Long, Long from the Beatles’ White Album played 800 per cent slower.

Light the candles.

Heathen Version of Carnival and Easter

I read this story in a book of Rain Forest Indian  myths a long time ago. Don’t have the book in front of me now,  so I’m just telling it the way a story teller is allowed to do, from memory.

Don’t know, but it sounds to me like this story comes from Indians watching the Spanish padres’  Roman Catholic Carnival and Easter traditions and making up their own interpretation.

So, probably there is a little Spanish padre, Rain Forest Indian, European anthropologist and me in this story.


In the beginning there was a Good God who created all the people and taught them to be good. But he had an evil brother, the Devil, who looked just like Him. The Devil followed the Good God around from village to village and taught the people to be not good, but bad. The next year the Good God came around to visit the people. He was horrified at what He saw. He said, “But I created you and taught you to be good!” The people liked to be bad and they said, “We don’t think you are God, we think you are the Devil!” and they killed God. But God could not be killed, really, so He came back to life. The people killed Him again. Every time He came back to life, they killed Him again. Finally, God got tired of the bad people and He went away, up into the sky and He never came back. And the bad people put up a big cross and they laughed and they said, “We killed God. We killed Him right there where  that cross is.” But some of the people looked at the cross and they were sorry they had killed God and now they wanted to be good. And from that day on, there have been good people and bad people in the world.

The Wolf Man Pentagram – Sign of the Werewolf


As you can see, this pentagram is exack-a-lackly like the modern “Wiccan pentagram.” Somehow the “sacred pentacle” nature of the pentagram does not come through when written on someone’s hand in ink.

The  poor, miserable Werewolf sees the sign of the pentagram in the hand of his next victim. Not sure whose hand that is – either Evelyn Ankers as the Wolf Man’s girlfriend or the hand of Jenny who  wants to know when she will be married and  gets killed in about five minutes of screen-time. Most old movies have a fortune-teller and in this movie the fortune-teller is Bela Lugosi. I like Bela when he smirks while sticking syringes into people’s arms down in the secret laboratory. In this movie he is completely wasted as a conflicted gypsy who has the curse of the werewolf on him. “Go! Go! Go quickly!” But Jenny doesn’t go quickly enough.

I have seen this movie 100,000 times!  Even though it’s not that good, there is something about it I like.

I could say more, but for now I will repeat some good questions I have read on the Internet:

– What are all these Americans doing in Wales? (Apparently the studio publicity dept. told people it was set in Wales back in 1941. I always thought it was rural England, myself.)

– Why does Bela turn into a real wolf, while Lon Chaney, Jr. only turns into a wolf man?

–  If Claude Rains is Lon Chaney’s father, what the hell did his mother look like?  (LOL. Claude Rains is about five feet tall and Lon Chaney, Jr. is about 6 foot four.)

Damien Echols Pentagram from “Paradise Lost”

This pentagram can be seen in the documentary “Paradise Lost.” The pentagram may be a harmless white magic Wiccan pentagram, but the inverted cross is a well-known Satanic symbol in the USA. Pentagram and inverted crosses:


Source: Damien Echols – West Memphis Three (WM3): The man, his friends, his art and his inspirations.


Plenty of pentagrams, hexagrams, and other magical symbols here. Slightly slanted, but I don’t think too much, considering the material. More about Echols than you want to know.


My comments on the murder case:

–  As is admitted now, they never had a shred of evidence on the teen age boys. The entire justice, legal, police (whatever) community of Memphis and of Crittendon County had to know this the whole time.

– The well-educated liberals at the Memphis Commercial Appeal and other media types had more to do with the so-called “Satanic Panic” than any Bible-thumpers  could have had. Once it was in the paper and on the TV news that Satanism was allegedly involved in the murder of the little boys, you can’t blame the locals for believing it.

– The adult Wiccan community in Memphis went completely underground and didn’t want to know when Echols got arrested. There were educated and well-off people in this community, even lawyers.

– The “Stonehenge” site reeked of puke (very like Beale Street across the river) and the ground was covered with broken glass when I saw it (after the trials, around the time the West Memphis police opened the files to the public.) It did not strike me as a very likely ritual ground, but such cheery messages as “I hate Jesus, I love Satan” were spray-painted on the “stones.”

Hittite Two-Headed Eagle Symbol

This is not Satanic, but in America I have seen it presented as if it were evil.  (The first person to whom I showed this symbol mis-identified it as “Hitler’s double-headed vulture.”)


Source: old encyclopedia.

Two-headed eagle symbol

Hittite two-headed eagle

(Holy Roman Empire symbol from wikipedia: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/39/Otto_IV%2C_Holy_Roman_Emperor.jpg)

Egyptian Pentagrams

pentacle hieroglyphs

From Budge, through AMORC


Egyptian pentagram symbols as given by Ralph M. Lewis in Behold the Sign, Ancient Symbolism,  1944.

pentagram hieroglyphs

five-pointed stars